TAC338 Chassis discontinued?


Sniper's Hide Dealer: CHARLIE'S
Commercial Supporter
Feb 19, 2017
Northern VA
@M4guru , we maintain an inventory of the most popular chassis, but probably 3 out of 5 orders have to be sent to the factory, as there are so many permultations of chassis: model, receiver, left-hand, LA, SA, ELR, stock, color. I have not counted, but I bet there are 700 different possible combinations, and for something as special and personal as a great long-range rifle, most people want to really personalize it their taste.

And, the factory turnaround times right now are not bad. I am told to quote 6 to 8 weeks, but we are clearly running on the lower-end of that, except for some of the really esoteric ELR / .50 BMG / CheyTac chassis -- which, btw, are just awesome. Cadex is great in any caliber, but Cades truly owns the ELR space.