Surgeons Trigger Recommendations

Jun 22, 2011
I had a 591 Scalpel built two years ago. When it was built there wasn't a two stage trigger available through Surgeon. I went with the single stage Timney Calvin Elite sigle stage with the intention on swapping it out later. I want a two stage trigger due to the fact that this is a work rifle and it must have a mininium pull 3.5# pull weight. A two stage helps with this weight and also I feel it's better since I would feel the trigger moving if I inadvertently started applying pressure to the trigger before it was go time. When I first got the rifle I tried a CG two stage in it but the cocking piece and sear were too close. When the trigger was depressed the cocking piece would slide to a stop on the sear before contacting the primer. When Timney released the two stage trigger I bought it thinking it would work since I already had a Timney in it. However it did not work and had the same problem the CG did. The two stage has a different sear design than the single stage. I saw where Surgeon just had Timney make the two stage trigger that will work with their actions. I called them and was told they didn't sell the triggers to the public. After I explained to them I purchased a built rifle from them they stated they would get back with me. I have yet to hear from them. I had been told by a prs shooter at a local shop that someone was making a cocking piece that would fit a Surgeon shroud that would allow it to work with other triggers, but I cannot remember the name of the company that was working on this. Does anyone on here know about this or have any advise on getting a two stage trigger to work in my 591 action. I'm getting no where with Surgeon sales or customer service.
Jan 2, 2003
Western US
I would probably send it to Chad at Long Rifles Inc. to fit your trigger to your Surgeon. It sounds like you've bought the CG and Timney triggers that you now have sitting in your parts bin, you'll spend less money to send your barreled action to LRI to install your trigger than a new trigger would cost. If you're got rid of the CG and Timney already, Geissele announced their Super 700 trigger at SHOT this year and Brownells gets them first supposedly around April. I have three of them on pre-order. However, even if you ordered the Geissele, you might have the same issue of your Surgeon action not working.