Suppressing an m1a

Has anyone here suppressed an m1a? I have read articles where people have but was wanting to speak to someone who actually has. I have a loaded model in a jae 100 stock i want to suppress. I have a troy battle rail on it for my optics which i believe will stop alot of tbe blowback in tbe shooters face i read about in the few articles that someone has done this.
I have ran can's on issued M14s as well as M1a's. Blow back is real with these guns an not for the faint of heart depending cheek weld. If you wear glasses, depending style it's a none issue. If not take heed ! The best advice I can give you is to use a blank round brass deflector. The other fix is a piece of metal welded to your base that will deflect the blast away from your eyes. The unlock timing can be changed to where the blow back is way less, but if you take the can off, the weapon will not cycle at all.
I can manage the blowback. The rail i have attaches in the rear sight apeture. I can also fab something if i have to. I guess my question is more around the gas system. Did you have to change anything and is there a can better suited for the m1a/m14? Also the muzzle threads are not common and not much engagement area. Is there an adapter that works well or did you have to cut threads to 5/8"?
I would not use an adapter. If you already have the can an it's a removable end cap have the MFG make the correct one for you. You do not have to change anything in the gas system, but I would recommend either a scored piston or a drilled gas piston plug if your going to run the can all the time.
Yes there are cans that are better than others. If I were buying a can for any gas gun I would use this one.

I have shot one of those on a M14 an while there still was more blow back than w/o a can it was so minimal you will hardly notice it, But bring your wallet!
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Chris Hayes, Nashville TN
You may send Ron an email with Allen Engineering. I was kicking this around for a loose M25 clone~ish. He has quite a bit of experience with this from Crane/Ops Inc. Very easy guy to talk and his cans top notch as well.

We lost the data on the old scout forum, but maybe hit up the vintage section for the TBAC Scionics build can for a customer's m21. I think pmclain built it but I may be wrong on this, it's been awhile. Maybe monolove?
I’ve run a can on mine, I used the Delta P Designs adapter, I had to do some smoothing of the key ways on the barrel to get the proper fit. The can was a Mack Bothers MB762L. It ran pretty well with the standard gas plug, I put in a Schuster adjustable and you can tune it to drop the brass right next to you. Of course doing this will not give enough gas to cycle with the can off. Only issue I had on mine is with brass getting jammed between the op rod and scope rings (LRB M25).


Chris Hayes, Nashville TN
The AE unit is an overbarrel unit, like the old Scionics for the M25. That helps cut some length off, maybe 4". It also gives you a centering bushing/support for the rear of the can as it then has 2 points of contract. Still going to be a long, pig. But, if it's what the heart wants....