Sportarized LE #4 Mk1

Dec 15, 2011
SE Michigan
I have an old Lee Enfield #4Mk1 that had the stock chopped and was fitted with am aftermarket Parker Hale free float barrel. I bought this 30 years ago and except for a couple of times deer hunting, never really shot it. I am thinking of digging it out and shooting it again. Anyone have experience with these? What is a realistic long range for them? Any particular ammo better than others (I do have several hundred rounds of surplus and hunting ammo).
Apr 8, 2010
brother is a enfield nut.
the original/suplus ammo has cordite inside, if you pull the bullet there are a bunch of pencil leads inside tied together with a little string.
most if not all the surplus ammo is flat base bullets, at the time the belief was that because the cordite burn hotter the boat tail burned out barrels faster. not sure if its true but thats what the books say.
if i rmemeber hornady makes metric/strange/military ammo the last couple of years.
A bunch of tests were done by a enfield club years ago, they alos dug up some old military info as well. if i remember a factory new rifle with mil ammo was a 3 MOA rifle. ones that shot well were pushed for sniper duty and had to qualify for at 7 of 10 in a 2 foot circle at 600 meters.

if we hit the range, hitting a soda can at 100 was routine and a coffee can/softball size target at 200 was also routing. that was with original battle sights, surplus ammo.
my mauser was more accurate but the enfield just feel like history.