SPF: Wicked Edge 130


Gunny Sergeant
Aug 15, 2009
Vicoria, Texas
Sharpened about 6 knives with it. 3 of which were brand new Benchmades. Just reprofile stock angle and polish. Other ones were friends crap knives just to scrub in stones. System is immaculate.

Absolutely a bad ass set up. Moving soon. New home, so this can go for now to someone who will wittle hairs.

We130 kit and aluminum base

Standard stones with kit

400/600, 800/1000, 1500/glass platens, 4/2 micron leather strops with diamond paste, 6 micron diamond lapping film(like 5 strips left)

High angle adapter
1/4 jaws for clamp
Digital angle measure
Instruction booklet and template

Hard case with retractable handle and wheels.

This is ready to go. Stones are starting to break in. You can literally make the baddest of asses edge. It's ridiculous.

950. Split ship

Trades I'd consider are Acogs, pistols, knives, watches, gold, and anything cool af.