SPF LH Defiance Deviant Nitride 6.5 Creedmoor and X47 Barrels $1800

For sale is a Left Hand Defiance Deviant Nitride with 20 moa rail, sfp, and 308 bf APA Bolt Knob, spare FP assembly
This Action was originally barreled with a 26" Krieger HP contour in 6.5 CM by Robert Gradous (800 rnds) stainless finish
It was then rebarreled with a Hawk Hill Heavy Palma 27" in 6.5X47L by Joe Walls at Exodus Rifles.(2200 rnds) black cerakote finish

Action and barrels were run 6 matches for the 2017 PRS season including the finale... so these barrels shoot.

1800 shipped conus. I will ship Action to your FFL, barrel directly to you or to FFL, your choice.

I will separate but only if barrels sell first. PM me for details.... dog not included

If someone wanted to purchase at that price, I could throw in an APA LB. The threads may need to be slightly tapped as the CM barrel threads are custom cut. They are 5/8x24 but sometimes brake manufacturers use class2 vs class 3 threads..not a big deal at all. I can throw in a Bix and Andy Trigger the Competition, no safety model for a great price!!!
Humpday bump... remember APA brake comes with this, and will throw in a Bix and Andy for a ridiculous price. That's almost the whole build. If someone needs an optic to go with it, I could be convinced to let go of a Gen 2 Vortex EbR2-C at a fantastic price too as a package deal. PM Me. This was the only rifle to hit 9 targets in the 800 yd KYL stage at fall Core match. Barrels shoot!!
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