Spec-Rest by Lone Star Field Products

Jan 30, 2012
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Popular with law enforcement as they may need to set up obs posts for hours on end, and these things really handle recoil well. The downside is the weight, they're not meant to be lugged around for hours on end.


Blind Squirrel
Jan 31, 2018
South Texas
They are pretty heavy. Anybody deploying them pretty much needs a 2nd person to get it on scene. In use, we haven't seen them to be any more stable before and during the shot (recoil and sight recovery) than an RRS setup.
Thanks for the reply.

For the RRS setup, what are you typically running on top, a hog saddle style cradle or something similar to the spec-rest?

Thanks again for your time.
Mar 15, 2003
Alexandria, LA 71303
We are running the Vyce from RRS. It seems to be superior to other "clamp in" type cradles. We really do not see much stability difference between it and a direct mount Arca Swiss or Pic rail (unless clamping a really curvy forend or round handguard). Also, we stay with the Vyce instead of direct mount options because we have to accommodate many different rifle setups when used as loaners during classes.

We use 2 and sometimes 3 of these setups in classes on a regular basis. I have had multiple officers use them that had previous experience with the SpecRest and their preferences were favorable toward the RRS.

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