Nov 21, 2013
Up for sale is my lefty AIAT. Black, Folder, Small Firing Pin. Great condition! It will come with atlas bt-10 and spigot Mount. Also will include a 34mm era-tac one piece mount. Perfect height for 50-56mm optic.

6.5 Creedmoor, 26” 1-8, threaded 5/8x24. (550 rounds down the tube) This was chambered at TS Customs with a Benchmark barrel. Black Cerekote

308 win 24” 1-11, threaded 5/8x24. This is an aftermarket Accurate Ordnance Bartlein. (200 rounds down the tube) Black cerekote

Extras included with purchase:

350 or more once and two times fired Hornady 6.5 creed brass. 50 pieces are still in original packaging brand new.

350 or more once and two times fired 308 Hornady Brass. 250 pieces are brand new in packaging.

500 pieces of (5 unopened boxes) .308 168gn eld-match projectiles.

.308 win Redding Type S FL bushing die and comp seater die (with vld stem)

Pelican 1750 that the rifle will ship in. (Tan color)

The condition of everything is excellent. Normal wear use in pelican case and some light work marks on the 6.5 barrel from taking it on and off.

Total: 5,350.00 Shipped CONUS (check your states firearms rules, will ship from my FFl to yours) for everything OBO. No Trades at this time.

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