SOLD: Vudoo 18” with MPA Hybrid & Triggertech Diamond $2500

Jan 11, 2018
Vudoo Gunwerks 18” Kukri barreled action
4 Vudoo magazines
MPA BA Hybrid Chassis
Triggertech Diamond Pro Curve

Priced to sell at $2,500 shipped. Prefer to sell together and ship once, but these parts are easy to sell, so I will separate if nobody takes it all.

Let me know if you need more pics. Rings, scope, and bipod are not included, but I will be selling the S&B 12-50 separately in the Optics section.

Super condition. There are no flaws. It is every bit as good a shooter as everything you read on the main thread. I expect to hit anything I am shooting at. Most of the challenge is gone if the target is any larger than 1/4” at 50yds, because you almost know you are going to hit it. I have found SK Rifle Match to be a great fit for this rifle, and CenterX to be lights out consistent. I chose what I consider the best chassis available in the MPA. I have owned several and love it. The Triggertech will also be the only trigger I own going forward on the 700 platform.

I have never run a cleaning rod through it. Just cloths with weed eater line. I do have a Possum Hollow CZ452/455 rod guide that is supposed to fit, but never used it that I can throw in if you need it. I have another for my CZs. (That is the recommended rod guide on the boards.)

I know I am going to regret this as it is the best shooting rifle I’ve ever shot or been around. I can honestly say that it has been the most fun I’ve ever had shooting, and has made me want to shoot more. With other rifles, I was just trying to get the bullet holes to touch at 50yds or to hit a third of the 1/4” in dots on a page, and now I honestly expect to hit them all. I love shooting fun paper games with the guys, but I have found that I have to pull out other rifles to shoot, because they don’t like shooting against the Vudoo.

The bad part is that I am now gun poor and can’t really justify other firearms that I want when they become available. I love buying and trading, but since buying this, I’ve done nothing but sell to afford it. My son is looking forward to us upgrading our air rifles, and I can’t justify it without selling something, so this is it.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will accept PayPal (F&F or you pay fees) or USPS MO. Thanks all.


Sep 14, 2003
East Tennessee
Wow, that's a nice package! I wish I could pick it up to go with my Vudoo. Shoot me a PM with the info on the scope.


P.S. - Good luck with the shouldn't last long...
Mar 23, 2010
If anything falls through, please put me in line. Not sure where you are in NC but we may be able to avoid shipping
Jan 11, 2018
Well that didn’t take long. 4 people have claimed it. I’ll close this for now, as I assume one of the 4 will come through. I’ll be in touch with you guys that claimed it in order of the firm replies and PMs.