Sold: Remington 700 LTR 308


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Feb 16, 2017
Middleton Idaho
I just don’t shoot this as much as I probably should. Easily shoots sub MOA with match ammo. It is very consistently .8 or less MOA with M118LR.
G prefix Remington 700 LTR 308
40x trigger
20”; threaded 5/8*24 by GEMTECH
Accurate Ordnance installed their bolt knob
Badger 20 MOA rail
McMillian A3 Sporter stock, ultra light carbon fiber, hydro-dip Kryptek Highlander with front pic rail for bipod
Professionally installed KMW loggerhead adjustable cheek riser
CDI installed their bottom metal and fit it to the action
Comes with 1*10 round AICS factory mag
Round count is 736


*** scope, rings, level, SAC round holder and skid pad not included***
** 0758FFC3-6D1B-41C6-92F8-E580A60666D3.jpeg CA46ECE2-3650-4DE0-8476-62950A7D7182.jpeg 3B42E941-3C31-4A67-935B-1A6428128CAF.jpeg B90F7E40-5509-4A25-9031-E706BA54F1D3.jpeg C2F7BFFA-923A-4BE0-8EC9-85E694E1344E.jpeg 44D35DE8-FBCC-4FAE-8701-ABCDF7EA2A0C.jpeg 18270C09-47A9-4F07-983F-AC211BA4E097.jpeg 1BA296D6-5E57-4F47-B815-E986CEFA3A09.jpeg
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