SOLD OUT Lapua 123 Scenars and 6.5x47 Brass, Barrel, Dies

Feb 12, 2017
I will have the brass available in another post soon...

One box sold so one left...
I have a thousand count box of 123 Scenar bullets

Also have 450-500 used Lapua 6.5x47 brass in different stages of prep. Brass has been fired 8-10 times but still has some life left...maybe a lot left. (Retail is 99-115 per 100 new)

Take it all for $400 and I will cover shipping.

If interested I also have a Bartlein barrel for a Bighorn TL3 that was chambered and threaded by PVA. Has 464 rounds on it. Will bolt up to any TL3 action!

$900 shipped will get you the barrel/brass/bullets
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