SOLD: Custom LH 223 Trainer $1200 Shipped

Apr 10, 2017
On paper this currently is probably the best shooting gun I own. It just hammers. At 100 yards it groups 77gn SMK factory seconds on top of XBR8208 or Varget regularly in the .2s. The 75 Amax works good as well but I have a ton of these 77s. I have taken it to a couple local 223 only matches and done very well. For a coyote gun/trainer this rifle has been awesome. I've really enjoyed this rifle and I'm honestly only selling it because I have a custom action with a 223 bolt face on the way. I can't justify two trainers.
I'll throw in the 78 rounds I have loaded for this rifle as well.

Rifle Specs:
Tikka Stainless LH action
XLR Element Chassis with arca swiss rail and pic rail mounted to the forend (see pictures
22" 1:6 twist Med Palma barrel chambered in 223 rem by GunVault in South Jordan, UT (1500 rounds down the barrel)
Trigger is factory with the exception of a spring. It is set to break just shy of 1 pound. It is actually a very nice and crisp trigger.
1 MDT Magazine. Works perfectly in this rifle!
SilencerCo brake
20 MOA base
**Scope SPF

*Lets try this:
Price for rifle is $1200 shipped to your FFL

Call or text with any questions. My number is (801)807-9986


Bipod not included
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