*SOLD!* Berger 105 and 140 Hybrids, DTAC 115 (pointed, bare)


Dec 13, 2004
Mesa AZ, USA
Realistically, it'll be awhile yet before I'm fully setup to reload, and even then I'm going to need to find what my barrels like, so I'm letting some surplus projectiles go.

*SOLD!* First up is 450rnds of Berger 105 Hybrids. I'm keeping 50 for load testing, but the rest can move on. Lot # P0549. Looking for $155 shipped Priority.

*SOLD!* Next is a sealed 100rnd box of Berger 140 Hybrids. Lot #7390. Looking for $45 shipped.

*SOLD!* Last is a 425rnd box of 115gr RBT DTACS (pointed, uncoated). I send 25 to someone else for testing, and I'm keeping 50 for myself. Lot #42350. I'm asking $125 shipped Priority.

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