Sniperhide Fan in FL


Jul 7, 2018
I’m lurking around here for quite some time and never became a member because I figured that there isn’t much I’d be able to give to others.

The main reason I’ve changed my mind is actually that I own everybody a big thank you for their support, time and effort spend to make it possible for „wannabe snipers“ like me to get an unbelievable amount of precise and valuable information in this sport.

I bought a Gen2 RPR 6.5, installed a vortex 4.5 x 27 and love this rifle. Couldn’t justify higher end equipment for the little time I have to use it.

I am a 56 year old German and live in the north Tampa area in Florida. I wish I would not have these 12 hour working days and life somewhere in one of the northern states in this great country with numerous possibilities of shooting to and above 1000 yard.

Just hanging around these 100 yard ranges but hopefully I make it to the long distance range in manatee county soon ...

For the ranges nearby I recently got the little brother, the RPR rim fire with a Nikon Black FX1000.

That’s it for now, thank you for having me here.