Slight play in SWFA 5-20 Turret??


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Feb 28, 2018
I'll admit, this is not a huge issue and may be due on some level to my lack of experience with turret scopes. I just got into the LR game a few months ago.

I had a fixed 10X SS scope for 6 months but decided to pull the trigger on a gently used 5-20 HD. Great choice mostly because I wanted better glass than the fixed 10 SS. I wonder about a little play in the turrets though. They seem to have just a touch of play in them so if you aren't careful, the lines aren't perfectly lined up and it can take a second to tell if your at 1 mil or 1.1 mil as an example. Not splitting the hash marks, but off enough it takes a quick double check.

Keep in mind, it's pretty minor. More like if you wiggle the turret a little back and forth it can move off the lines a hair.

Normally I wouldn't care at all, but the lines are really tightly spaced to account for the 1 Mil revolution turret. It could very well have been the same case with the fixed 10 I had, but the spaces are further apart so it was easy to tell where you were.

Has anyone else noticed just a little wiggle room in the turrets and being off a hair on the lines with the 5-20? I imagine it's virtually impossible to eliminate ALL play in a turret, but just wanted to double check I wasn't seeing things. I'm kind of OCD about the little things....It's not splitting the middle of the lines, more like just off a hair from lining up in the center and therefore my OCD kicks in.

Thanks. Oh, and by the way, love the 5-20. I also really liked the fixed 10, but the glass on the 5-20 HD is noticeably better and thats what I was mainly after.
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