Silencerco Omega vs Thunderbeast


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I currently own a SiCo Omega and am looking at getting another can. It will only be used on a precision 6.5 Creed bolt action. If I were to get a thunderbeast which would you recommend and how do they compare to the Omega as far as durability and noise reduction. If someone who has both could give input into what they like about each compared to the other that would be best.

Both good; TBAC specializes in precision rifle though, they are a true grass roots supportive company. They are your pick for 6.5 CM bolt action. I have both, and think the TBAC is nicer. Not necessarily by a huge margin, but maybe a bit more robust and durable in build than the omega. Oh and they're not about to go out of business which always helps...


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On a bolt gun, the TBAC will have an edge, a significant one if you go Ultra 9. On a semi-auto, the Omega will have the edge.
I just got my Ultra 7CB today and was able to fondle my Ultra 5 DT. The 7 CB was lighter than the 5 DT bc of the DT adapter. I kinda wish I had bought an Ultra 9 and 7 instead of a 7 and 5.

Shot the 7 today on my 47L. .5 mrad low, no windage deviation. And it tightens the 5rd grp up. Tested it twice. Very consistent.


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The omegas I've been around are very impressive for their size. That said, I went Ultra 9 because it's quieter, all welded, and the CB mount is great. Threads that I'm constantly putzing around with are just another potential failure point. The 7 may have been a better choice for hunting/match shooting, but I like my 9 so far and have no regrets.

I don't own a belt-fed an AR, so full auto rated is a moot point for me.

There's no wrong choice between them. Buy one and the wait will be over before you know it.


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I own the Omega and an Ultra 7, both in .30

If you can, just run the Omega on your bolt gun. It'll be great. You'll get a few decibels quieter and lighter with the TBAC, but I don't think you'll get too much more for your money.

I prefer the Ultra 7 overall, especially on a bolt gun; but would only run it on a bolt gun or run it lightly on a semi. I like the CB mount a lot. I LOVE that TBAC will actually pick up the damn phone and talk to you, as well as email to answer ?s. On that alone, I would tell people to get the TBAC between the 2.

But if you already have it, the Omega is a durable can and runs great on a bolt gun or semi. If you already have it, run it unless you need to dedicate specific cans to specific guns. I really like the end brake thing as I can actually tell the difference with and without.

Then I'd get the Ultra 7 or 9. Though I prefer to run .30cal instead of .223 or 6.5 as I'm always wearing earpro regardless. Hearing loss is cumulative and not something you can ever reverse. Flavor of the year in terms of caliber means who knows what will be popular in 10 years and you're marrying the damn can. I can run .308, .300WM(never owned one), 6.5, .223, etc running .30 and all I lose is a few decibels suppression.

Can't tell you whether to go 7 or 9, but the 7" has been great for me. I think I'd be fine running the 9" as well. went with the 7" for the little bit of time savings when getting the muzzle in and out of box/cutout barricades


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Thanks for all the advise. I also have a JP-07 in 6.5 creed that I could run the Omega on if I choose to get another can. I don't need one but sure as heck want another one. Will be looking into the Ultra 7". On a side note this happens to my Omega yesterday when trying to remove the direct thread mount to attach the Hellfire mount. Appears this is common for omegas from what I have read. Added some loctite and will see how it holds up.

I've owned a couple of other cans (traded an AAC SCAR-h for a NIB SF SOCOM 762), but the TBACs get all the use. Currently have a 30BA that's been back to Cheyenne for the Ultra re-core program (seemed like a lot of $$ at the time, but am very glad I went with it), a 30CB9, and an Ultra 7. The 30CB9 is as good as it ever was, but doesn't see nearly as much use as the Ultras. I love the CB brake/mount, and seldom finish a bbl of my own without indexing & mounting one. There are times when I wouldn't mind having an Ultra 5, like for use while hunting with a Howa Mini in 6RAT. But the Ultra 7 is quieter, and not enough longer to be a bother.

Never been around an Omega long enough to form an opinion on it; being very satisfied with my TBACs, it's unlikely I'll ever try one.
If you already own the Omega I would just run it.

I went to the Dead Air KeyMo system and just put brakes on my bolt gun and gas gun. I change the Omega around between all of them and never an issue. The Omega is a pretty quiet can on a bolt gun.
Omega and Ultra 7 meter the same. Ultra 7 is smaller diameter, weights several oz less and every one of them is laser beam. The Ultra 7 is a precision can the Omega is more of a do it all type can. Personally I'm not a fan of the glued in stack for precision work at distance.
TBACRAY I was under the impression that on ARs the Ultra 7 didn't meter as well at the shooter's right ear as compared to the Omega. Is that not the case? I'd love to know, your videos are awesome!


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I appreciate everyone's feedback. As I wasn't necessarily looking for a replacement for my Omega I was looking for info comparing the two. I have a 6.5 creed that I intend to run the omega on since it is a semi auto. I wanted to hear how the thunderbeast were in comparison from a sound and accuracy perspective. Based on the feedback I will be looking at the Ultra 7 for my next can. Never can have enough suppressors. Thanks.
I'm sorry Ray I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that the "at the shooter's right ear" numbers for a bolt gun and AR will be about the same? I thought that the at the right ear numbers on the AR were always higher due to the bolt unlocking and cycling. Is that not the case?
Naw, he's saying that if the two cans meter the same on a bolt rifle, then they'll meter the same on an AR. Meaning that if the two cans have identical performance on a bolt rifle, they'll have identical performance on a semi-auto, not that they'll meter the same on both different types of rifles.
Personally I'm not a fan of the glued in stack for precision work at distance.
What part of the omega stack is glued in? My baffles are all welded to the core that has threads on each end. Now, the outer titanium serialized sleeve is threaded on and held in place with rocksett but my understanding is it's just there to hold a serial number. Even if it comes loose, it's held in place by the end cap so it can't come off.

I have no problem recommending the Omega for a do-it-all solution as it's worked extremely well for me on AR's, long range/precision guns, and hunting rifles. However, my next can will probably be a TBAC ultra.
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To echo pineoak I would get a .30 diameter can rather than a dedicated 6.5 can. I am cheap and with the wait times and expense of cans I want something I can shoot with almost any caliber rather than just what I think is hot shit now. I've got an omega now because they offered a LEO discount and I like it. However I'd at least consider the thunderbeast for future purchase. And the fact that they have an assumed employee (What up TBACRAY) who's responding to threads speaks well of their customer service.


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Thanks all. Since I already have a SiCo Omega I will be going for a TBAC. More than likely will go with the Ultra 7
Good choice i was about to chime in. I have a 30CB9, an Omega, and a Hybrid. I wish i would've gone TBAC across the board. I've had to send my Omega in already (granted they fixed it quick) and the sleeve came off the hybrid the other day.

I know the Omega technically might meter as well as the Ultra 7. IIRC the ultra 7 meters the same as the old 30CB9. I like the sound of my 30CB9 over both the omega and hybrid on the same rifles. It's not even close and maybe it's just a tone thing.

Anyhow wish i'd have converted my 30CB9 to an Ultra 9 (still plan to do so), gotten an ultra 7, and an Ultra 5. I understand sometimes you can get awesome deals on SiCo but for the money i paid i should've gone TBAC.