Shorty hunting builds

Feb 14, 2017
Wanting to put an 18” 6.5 creedmoor hunter together and looking for ideas. It needs to be lightish, but ultralight isn’t necessary. Thinking McMillan hunter stock, Defiance hunter SA, and something in the neighborhood of a bartlien 3B fluted barrel.

If you have something similar, I’d like to hear specs and weight.
Feb 14, 2017
Not quite as short as 18”, but here’s a 22” 260 AI I did on a Proof barrel for a deer hunting gun.

Manners EH6A (adjustable adds almost a pound weight over the standard EH6 sadly)

APA Bottom Metal
Schmidt & Bender Klassik 3-12x44

Total weight with ThunderBeast Ultra 7 is a little over 9 lbs.
How do you like that PR barrel? I have one on a 30-06 and it was hell getting a load worked up for it.
Dec 4, 2013
Morgantown, WV
I like it so far. I went to the range last weekend and got started on load development. I’m using 143gr ELD-X and they liked about .030 of jump. Nothing shot well until I got to around .020 of jump.
Oct 18, 2008
Planning on taking a 20 inch 9.3 x 62 Mauser 98 bear hunting next spring, instead of the 375 Ruger on a Rem 700 that I have taken in the past. Granted you can take bear with less I don't mind the recoil of the 375 Ruger at all kind of a nice push. The Mauser build will be a classic looking build on a nice hunk of walnut. A 9.3 x 62 on a 98 in a piece of Walnut kind of a classic trifecta. You can kill most of the animals we have on this continent with many guns so we take out what we like and want.
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