Short Action Customs BAT Tactical .308

Dec 17, 2017
Boulder, CO
Up for sale is a rifle built by Short Action Customs on a BAT Tactical action and chambered in .308 Winchester (@Fred @ Bison Tactical has the rifle, I am posting this on his behalf as an employee). The relevant specs are below:

Action: BAT Tactical short action

Barrel: 20" Bartlein w/ MTU contour

Stock: Manners T4A with Surgeon DBM

Trigger: Timney 510 set to 2.75lbs

Muzzle Device: SilencerCo ASR

It was originally put together by Short Action Customs back in 2014, and both the action and barrel are Cerakoted in Patriot Brown while the bolt and action themselves appear to have been melonited (it's visible in the top inside of the action where there is no cerakote). The stock has a pair of flush cups installed on the left side of the rifle (one front, one rear) and 3 sling studs (2 front, 1 rear). It feels super smooth and everything is in good shape, though the muzzle device has some small scuffs on it. It doesn't come with the magazine, I just used it to help pose the rifle for pictures.

Looking for $3100 and we can split the shipping cost to your FFL.
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May 18, 2012
Boulder, CO
The seller said the round count was low, which I believe based on the good condition of the rifle. The trigger is a bit light for my liking, but very crisp. Should be a nice heavy short barrelled .308 for someone! High end components throughout the build, and built by Mark and the crew over at Short Action Customs - can't go wrong with their great work!
Feb 18, 2014
I have a BAT / Bartlein .260 Put together by Jamie Dodson of Wolf Precision and these actions are the best I have ever put to use. Really nice setup and well worth the $3,100, good luck with the sell I'm sure this things shoot lights out...