shooting at manatee gun range, Florida


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Feb 29, 2008
Tampa Bay, FL
FYI post. I was there yesterday. The club is now operating under summer hours, 7 - 3 rather than 9 - 5. Qualification for shooting at 600 is shooting a 6" group or less at 300 and knowing the dope to get to 600. There is steel at 200 and 300 on the public line. Every distance on the public line has huge berms now.

The PRS match is the 1st Sunday of every month so the next is the 5th of August. The 600 line should be open after the match.
May 16, 2008
Florida, Hillsborough county

Great to hear from you.

I have been a lot busier than I'd like but i need to earn $$$ so. ..

I have been neglecting my shooting though and want to resume regular outings.

I'm still running .308s but also picked a 6.5 CM and a couple fast twist .243s. None of the latter have been exercised like they should.

Hope you and Celia are well and envy your bold move west!
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