Setting up a .22 range

So I have the ability to shoot out to 900 yards at my place. I'm planning on getting myself and the kiddos into some .22 matches. I've never been to a .22match. If you could set up your ideal .22 range, what would it look like?
Target distances? target size? Multiple sized targets at one range?
What kind of props can be expected?


BenY 2013

Gunny Sergeant
Multiple sized steel targets at various ranges. Reactive steel especially if your kids are shooting to keep things fun! I'd keep the majority of the targets inside 100yds and look up the course of fire for some of the NRL22 matches and do something similar. Get some barricades to practice positional shooting as well. I'd also have larger steel at 200 and 300yds as well. Just how I'd set up a rimfire range!


BenY 2013

Gunny Sergeant
I'd look up the targets they use for NRL22 matches, you can purchase the set used for the matches on their website. Probably be the best place to start.

Agreed. The will give you the latest matches.

You can check for our local match. Go to Shooting sports/Precision Rimfire/22 Challenge match. If you scroll down, there is a link to the July match from last year, as the final one was cancelled for weather.
I'd set it up with the NRL22 targets in close and some "know your limits" set ups at a few distances.

I'll also add, that a .22lr at extreme distances is incredibly fun. With enough scope adjustment, good ammo, a good bbl, a good berm for a backstop and good conditions, a guy could easily forget about his centerfires.

I'd put berms at 25 yard intervals out to at least 600 yards myself if'n I could.


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Get your self a few props.


As mentioned NRL22 kit gives you a lot of good targets