Seekins Havak action fitment question

Sep 20, 2012
Kitsap, WA
I have a few parts on order that were planned around a Rem700 action that I have in my safe. That build changed direction recently with the purchase of a Havak action. I've read that these are Rem700 footprints with a couple exceptions. Apparently the ejection port is slightly different, the receiver extends past the integral recoil lug and the side bolt release. My primary concern is that the EH1 that I have on order has the DBM mini chassis. Does anyone know if I will need to remove any of the chassis block material or the stock material itself and then skim bed the action?
Feb 3, 2006
1232 swift, NKC, MO.
Hi TRD1911, Glens Havak action is very close to the 700 in many cases. We do inlet for them but I know that it is a totally different inlet than the 700 because of size and shape. I am not a 100% sure that it will work with our DBM mini chassis. Even with the trigger bosses and flats under the show line, it still should bolt up fine, but if I remember correctly I think that the havak has a bottom mag port cut that is moved forward about .050" from a standard Remington specs. Iam not sure if the mag will line up correctly in that cut. Shoot me a pm with your contact info and build number of your stock. I will check in the meantime and should have a answer for you.

If it was a bedded stock with glens bottom metal it would not be a problem at all, I will come up with some options for you.

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