Score! Flat dark earth Gen 4 Glock 20

Jan 19, 2009
Hellbound in Fort Worth, TX
UPDATE 6/12/2013 - Cerakoted slide Burnt Bronze, pics below!

Went to the local Cabela's tonight with my 3 sons to give my wife a break and lo and behold in the pistol case there was this Gen 4 G20 in FDE. Stoked! I had $100 in Cabela's points, so that helped me take the leap.

I've been into the 10mm for the last 6 years, it's my favorite handgun caliber by a huuuuuuge margin. I've owned over the last half a decade: a G29, a G20SF, a G29SF, and a 3rd Gen G20 in OD green, and a regular 3rd Gen G20, along with a couple S&W's from the early 90's and a Delta Elite. Glock does 10mm the best in my opinion, it's hard to argue with 15 rounds of capacity and rock solid reliability. Out of all the 10's I've owned the G20SF was my favorite, the regular Gen3's were just barely too big. I shot the hell out of that G20SF I had. I always wanted to have that one cerakoted, but it hit the auction block before I got around to it. It always bothered me that they never made the OD ones in SF versions.

When Lipsey's did the FDE run last year I was hugely dismayed that the 10mm's were not on the list. I stopped looking and resigned myself that my dream handgun was never to be, just not enough demand. I didn't know going to Cabela's tonight that Lipsey's had recently released another run of FDE frames and introduced the G20 with it. Sweet! I get the SF size and the color I wanted.

Here she is, MY grail pistol with a DSG Alpha holster:

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Nov 18, 2008
The Northwest Mountains
just a little jealous..... or maybe alot. My fav is my Gen 3 20 SF. Can't find even a regular gen 4 around here, but I have always asked my self is the Gen4 worth in in this package since I already have the Gen3 in a SF? Now they have FDE ones!!!
Nov 15, 2008
West Texas
I initially wanted a FDE one as well but couldn't justify the extra cash for one since I wanted some grip work done on it anyway. I figured after the stippling I could get it cerakoted any color anyway. I am sending my new gen 4 to get an rmr milled and mounted now. I love that round.



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Nov 26, 2007
San Marcos, TX
Awesome! Congrats on the find! I bought a G20 for my little sister to hike with (she's afraid of bears and mtn lions eating her and her dog). She has a magazine with a +5 extension bringing it to 20 rounds of 10mm hollow point destruction! Not a whole lot on earth can stand up to that! Great gun. Great round.