Savage MK II replacement stock?

I did a search for a stock tp replace the plastic one that comes on it but was unable to find any thing. Boyd dod offer a tactical stock but unable to find on they web site. Any suggestions
I bought the Boyd's tacticool from stock and bottom metal as a package from DIP for 186 shipped. I should have done that upgrade a long time ago.
I should have mentioned that I have a Tacticool stock on my FVSR and have been very pleased with it. It is so much better than the plastic stock the rifles ship with and more closely resembles traditional tactical stocks from the big names.
I have a suggestion. I have a Fred Moreo Match Target stock, in camo laminate. It's an awesome stock, but I no longer have that rifle.

Fred has been a ridiculous wait for years, but he did deliver a nice product.

Lemme know if you want to talk about it.
I run the tacticool/pro varmint from Boyd’s and really like it for the money. If you’re into arts and crafts you can get a bare inletted stock (money saver) from midway for a bit less and just finish as desired. They have a really good birthday discount FYI. You will also want to replace your bottom metal with either the DIP or make your own from 1/8” aluminum. If you want something nicer manners and mcree inlet for them as well.


May not be your cup of tea, but there’s also the MDT LSS22. I have both an FV-SR AND A TRR-SR. The TRR is in a Boyd’s Tacticool/Pro Varmit, and it has a big gun feel to it. The LSS-22 my tensioned barrel FV-SR is in is no lighter than the Boyd’s, but it does make the gun “feel” smaller and handier.