Sartorius 64 - Essentially BRAND NEW save for 80-100 fills.


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Apr 8, 2018
Stinky Commie Town - LA
In my over zealous quest for an accurate scale... I bought the Sartorius 64.

It's just WAY more scale than I need for reloading all of two calibers maybe 100-250 bullets a month And I'd rather sell it and put the money toward my dream gun.

So... brand new I'm selling my Sartorius 64. Plus it has the auto throw and auto trickler and the full 419 set up Less than 4 months old and most of that time I was waiting for the new lid so it could fit the 419 attachment which was delivered just last week.

Got it all set it up and used it for all of 80-100 case fills.

I paid $1000. for the scale, $439. for the Auto Throw/Trickler, $50. for the new lid and $300. for the 419. A total of $1789. +shipping.
I'll let it go for $1650. or so....

All original packing of course.

Prefer not to ship it. Unless you don't mind adding that cost too.
I'm in the Los Angeles area.

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