SAC, CADEX, TriggerTech


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Jan 27, 2008
Gulf Coast
Trade deal fell through on the other end. Back up for sale:

SAC 308 w/20” Bartlein, Badger Brake in a new Cadex Chassis. TriggerTech Flat Blade.
Athlon Cronus Scope, Bipod,ARC M10 are not included but are available to buyer at additional.

Only trades: VP9 or VP9sk, Sig P226 or P229 in 9mm. Or, a Benelli M4 tactical style setup.
Not interested in basic model Sigs though. Would love a Legion or Enhanced Elite. May take several of the aforementioned guns on trade.

054FC245-CC96-4FFA-B4C8-F1F0EC83F83D.jpeg 91241D12-26AB-4221-9134-AD0C3A447DA3.jpeg

May take an HK VP9 and/or certain 9mm models of Sig P226 or Sig P229, KAC, Benelli M4 Tactical setup.
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