S&W 9 M2.0 feedback

D. Hargrove

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Jan 17, 2018
Hulen, Oklahoma
I purchased a M2 a while ago, it felt good in the hand and fired flawlessly. I truly believe that it is a fine weapon for what it is. I am not a Glock fan boy, I enjoy the Glocks in my collection as they all feel the same in my hand, S&W has evolved since they began producing poly guns and seem to want to please the gun owner with advancements. Glock on the other hand......
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Mar 9, 2013
West Valley, UT
I talked with Apex tactical yesterday and they believe the 2.0 suffers from similar accuracy issues as the 1.0. Apex identified that the m&p 9mm suffers from a very short dwell time that has been documented by their testing to affect the bullet path. They put a video out I linked to it below. I sent my M&P 1.0 for the APEX barrel gunsmith fitting and it has made a significant difference with much tighter groups. Keep in mind that they closed the tolerances down as well which helps in accuracy but I am not confident that reliability (FTF/FTE) is not impacted. However, I have yet to see an increase in stoppages with mine.

***Caveat*** There has been much debate on this M&P accuracy "issue" and please be aware that accuracy is subjective.

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Oct 27, 2003
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Older guns were shipped with a 1;16 twist barrel in 9mm. About 2013 they began shipping with 1: twist barrels, especially the Pro model.
The M&P is a great pistol and, having seen the 2.0 in great detail and shot one about 500 rounds I can say the accuracy has improved, minor changes that shooters requested are there and engineering changes gave it a cleaner more tactile tigger pull. They also beefed up the one trouble spot I saw on heavily used range and/or LE guns that was most likely to break (the "off-side thumb tab for the slide stop.
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Oct 8, 2017
The M&P M2.0 Compact is an excellent pistol. I have been waiting for Smith to produce a good Glock 19 size pistol, and this is it. Accurate out of the box, feels good in the hand
Feb 13, 2017
Get one with confidence. In my load out room I have had M&P9 full sizes since 2006-7. I have about 5-6 M&P9 full size M1.0 with more than 100K rounds collectively thru them. I now have 2 M&P9 M2.0 with more than 20K rounds thru them. With the M2.0's I finally got weary enough of the curved articulated trigger to install the Apex triggers (not trigger bar), one polymer and one aluminum, both with Apex 2 dot sears; they are very good firearms. I generally mount them in Safariland 7TS variants.
The M2.0 slide stop is now a uni-body construction and full support of the slide release levers, with no integrated spring, as the new patent pending slide stop mechanism doesn't need it.
There were at least 50 engineering differences incorporated into the M2.0 version; I catalogued them on the M-P pistol forum here:

I did have one of my M1.0 slide fail @ 28K rounds; Smith & Wesson replaced it with a completely new slide assembly.

IMG_7955 copy.JPG IMG_5483 copy.JPG DSCN1582 copy.JPG IMG_5659 copy.JPG
IMG_2948a copy.jpg
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Jan 21, 2018
I think you will like the 2.0,
I have a 1.0 with apex trigger kit and apex barrel that i installed,also milled the slide and added a rmr ,,my favorite handgun and never an issue..will be getting a 2.0 core which is pre milled for red dot,,
Nov 16, 2007
Memphis, Tennessee
Put 200rds through my M&P 2.0 compact on steel targets for speed this past weekend. I added a mini surefire light and Wilson combat sights (front sight has glow)

It is the best 'carry' pistol I have ever shot and I really like the factory trigger. Double taps on 66% IPSC targets from 8-15yds away were fairly easy.
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Sep 28, 2012
Central Florida
I have a few thousand or so on my 1.0 w/Apex duty trigger. Never replaced the barrel, but may after some more shooting.

I like the Glick 19 size and enjoyed (for the first time) shooting a Glock. That size is optimal for EDC, IMO.

Now I need to check out the 2.0 compact if it is similar in size to the 19. The ergos of the M&P work for my hand.
Feb 13, 2017
Well then, maybe this information may persuade you to consider not doing so, as it is a grip configuration that is counter-productive to pistol grip strength and firearm control.

IF you need to get to the punch line, then start at the 3 min mark regarding grip management; Bill Rogers explains the grip here:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxklp1sz2t1v0bv/Bill Rogers Explains Dominant Eye Grip & Stance.mp4?dl=0

By opening up your grip to place either your support hand index / or social (middle) finger on the front of the trigger guard you are sacrificing about 25-35% of your grip strength which is not good for recoil management.
A good analogy of single hand grip strength about a pistol grip is that of a carabiner. A climbing carabiner
is rated for strength in its longitudinal and cross axis as well as that with its gate open. A typical carabiner
is rated at 24kN along its long axis however with its gate open the strength is reduced to 7 kN. Such
is the case when one doesn’t reconfigure their one-hand shooting group from typical a “high-thumb” position
(brief case grip) that affords room for the support hand with a 2-hand shooting grip, to one that opposes
the thumb with their middle finger (power grip) that closes the anatomical “link” of the hand grip.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 8.34.15 PM.png

Here are just few of pistols (HKP30, HKVP9, Walther PPQ M2) with square trigger guards, I continue to be amazed that mfg. construct them when its well known some will try to use them in that fashion, despite the knowledge to the contrary.

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Nov 17, 2011
thats fine and dandy......but its all bullshit.

i shoot enough to know what woks for me.....and i pesonally shoot faster, and more accurately when i shoot with my grip.......your results may vary.

i have my reasons and can defend them.......but im not going to get into a pissing contest when neither of us is going to change our mind.

and until more manufacturers start putting square guards on triggers, im going to stick with glocks and HKs, they make fine pistols and im happy to give them my money......adding a square guard doesnt prohibit a traditional 2 hand grip.....so theres no downside to putting it on guns.

i dont know why some people get so pissy over this......people have such a visceral reaction to the square finger guard.....god you people act like im killing puppies.....i just fucking shoot differently than you do.
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