RWS Custom Guns MK12 MOD 1 DMR RIFLE W/optional Clone correct scope and rings


Gunny Sergeant
Mar 26, 2006
Manning, Iowa
MK12 Mod 1 rifle with Douglas 1-7 twist, barrel has been cryo-treated and broke in with a shoot and clean every round for 10 rounds. Mil-spec BCG. Trigger is a mil-spec trigger that has been stoned and tuned to break at 3 lbs. Original military A1 butt stock has been refinished. PRI Gas Buster charging handle. Correct OPS inc brake with long collar. Knights Armament hand guard and rail covers. NOTE!! Scope and rings OPTIONAL! Please use the drop down box if you wish to purchase them. Optional Clone correct Leupold 112633 scope and Arms rings, rings have had the humps removed. Scope and rings NOT available separately. Scope was originally mounted in these rings and on this rifle. I built this gun for personal use but just don’t have the time to shoot it. My loss your gain.

Please use the link below to view and purchase.

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