Rugged Surge 762 opinions

What are the general opinions on the Rugged Surge 762 suppressor. I got a killer deal on a new one and its in ATF land waiting approval. Plan to use it on a 308 bolt gun. Thanks.
Great can, I love mine.

Probably the quietest .30 can can currently made.
Quietest .30 cal can made (people will debate this)
Modular construction
Good mounting system, it's hard not to install it properly
Construction is built like a tank, it can take a beating
Good variety of mounting threads 1/2-28, 5/8-24, and 3/4-24 (more coming)
Tested for accuracy at the factory

Weight, it is heavy
Mounting/dismounting is a little slow
I'm not sure on that and I would be telling you wrong if I answered.

I do know it is rated for 300 Remington Ultra mag, but I'm sure a call to rugged could get that answered.
Price and durability. If it's going on a bolt gun the durability is a non issue. If you going to use it on a semi auto in .308 or .223 the surge is a better choice.

I have both a surge and ultra 9. The ultra has been sitting for a while since I got my surge and razor. Not because it is not a good can but because my razor and surge fit another of the rifles I'm shooting now including my 6.5 gasser and bolt gun.
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OP says bolt gun, so clearly the TBAC is a better option. Quieter, lighter. Price is as far as I can tell, a non-issue given how close they are to one another.

If OP was going to buy a can for both the Bolt gun and a semi-auto, Q is a better option then.
Actually the op was asking specifically about the rugged surge suppressor and opinions on that supprrssor so I will just keep it on that topic.

Direct from Rugged you can use the surge on a 300 Norma with no barrel length restriction.

I just talked to customer service and they have recently changed the barrel restrictions they had on the surge.
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I really like my Surge, it was my first can and I've yet to regret it. I just confirmed that they have no barrel length restrictions which recently changed. It sounds great both long and short and can take anything you throw at it. I currently use it on my 260 precision rifle and my 10.3" 5.56 that I use hog hunting. Great sound reduction and repeatable mount.
I have the Surge and I really like it, but it is heavy. I do like how I can use it in the 7.5" or 9" configuration quite easily. The noise difference from 7.5 to 9 isn't very much.

As for 300 Norma Mag, I'm not sure, but the website says it will handle a 300 RUM.

It also has a "Throw it off of a cliff" warranty. I have yet to use it, but it sounds nice.
My Surge has been excellent from day 1, I got a screaming deal on it back in late 2015. I use it in short configuration on my M5E1 in 6.5 Creedmoor and several 5.56 ARs, it is very quiet. The only time I use the long configuration is for subsonic 300 Blk, that one really has to be heard in person to believe how despicably quiet it is. The mount is excellent, the can is excellent, and the warranty is bulletproof (provided the company is around for a long time). The only real downside is the weight, but even that isn't bad when you consider the complete system (can + mount) weight for the short configuration is almost identical the M42k which has been, arguably, the gold standard 5.56 can for 10+ years. Plus, you can't shoot 308, 300 Blk, or 300 Norma through an M42k :p
I love my Surge.. it is probably my favorite can. I run mine on several AR platforms.
The mount works nice. It is easy to put can on, take can off, and to do so quietly and
quickly in the pitch dark while moving to and from sets is paramount.
Unbelievably tougher than hell.
I would definitely buy another, and probably will.

I also own a Tbac Ultra7. It is lighter, no doubt.
But for me, I find it better served performing as a precision bolt gun can
I also run my surge on ar platforms, incredibly durable and repeatable. 7.5 style on the 300 blk sbr. And full length on the 5.56. Can is heavy, but suppresses well and is virtually indestructible. I liked it enough to buy an obsidian and an oculus.