Ruger Precision Rimfire

I'm pretty sure Timney will be adding one for this model pretty quickly. They jumped on the RPR quickly one it was obvious it was going to be popular. Most of the engineering is already done since the triggers are so similar.

Yeah. Given the target market for this rifle, I can't see that Timney wouldn't get a trigger out for it (particularly if this RPRF is anywhere near as popular at the RPR had turned out).
I brought my RPR home today. I tore it down for a thorough cleaning and also hosed down the trigger with some cleaner/lube. I checked it after I got everything back together and it drops at 1.5 to 1.7lbs. This is straight from the factory with just a flush job.


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I brought my RPR home today. I tore it down for a thorough cleaning and also hosed down the trigger with some cleaner/lube. I checked it after I got everything back together and it drops at 1.5 to 1.7lbs. This is straight from the factory with just a flush job.
Shot 7 different types of ammo through mine yesterday. Only one it liked was SK standard plus. Had a 30 shot SD of under 10 and good groups. The rest of the groups are 10 shot. Here’s the data I gathered...

SK Standard Plus: 30 shot
Avg: 1036
Max: 1057
Min: 1018
SD: 9.9

GECO Match:
Avg: 1018
Max: 1042
Min: 986
SD: 23.6

ELEY Black:
Avg: 1074
Max: 1104
Min: 1062
SD: 12.6

ELEY Target:
Avg: 1093
Max: 1119
Min: 1053
SD: 16.5

Avg: 1071
Max: 1096
Min: 1031
SD: 16.4

Aguila super extra:
Avg: 1173
Max: 1207
Min: 1111
SD: 27.0

Winchester wildcat:
Max: 1230
Min: 1132
50 yards. The CZ liked more kinds of ammo group wise, but SDs were similar.
Btw all this 22 grouping stuff including the images I posted had we wondering if I could just use my PCP air gun.

I got the absolutely NOT from our guy that is running the matches.

It has been a while sense I shot my PCP, all I have is 30y set up at my house.. but here is the first 10 round group. I forgot how great these things shoot.. I have been only using it for minute of crow.. lots of crows ;)


Close up with pellet in hole for scale.

bipod— prone .. obviously wish the RPR was as accurate..


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Got mine out today and put some rounds through it.
Ergo grip
Wiebad Cheek pad
SWFA 3-15x42mm SS
Cheap Chinese knock-off bipod (more on that later...)


I did a light fire-lapping of the barrel. I had previous good results from doing the same on my Ruger American rimfire and Ruger Precision 6.5cm, so I figured what the heck. I'm not sure how much it helped, but I don't think it hurt anything.

Cleaning and adjusting the trigger, the pull reads 1.5lb which is below what Ruger specified, but I won't complain! I like the feel of it. It is a significant upgrade over the trigger on the Ruger American. At least it feels that way to me.

I did have trouble with my scope and rings getting the proper eye relief at the LOP I would have normally like to set. I had to extend the LOP a bit which ended up feeling fine so I'm OK with that. I did have a feeling at that point that my cheekbone was hanging off the back edge of the check rest so I removed it and flipped it around backwards and that fixed that.

I also was not thrilled with the stock bottom. RPR has the same flaw. There is just no comfortable place to grab hold there. I might cut a piece of rail cover to fit on there to ride the bag, or maybe try a monopod again.

My biggest problem was with my cheap Chinese bipod. It's well made, but it was too short. I was having to lie lower than was comfortable. It fact I was pretty damn uncomfortable. I'm not as bendy as I was in my youth and it put my neck in a bad place. I have an Atlas on my RPR, so I guess I will swap them and share. That would have been much better. I felt it definitely was hurting my groups. (yeah, thats it!)

Now, I'm just a casual, hobby plinker. I've never competed, and don't plan too. Still I really felt I could improve upon these groups. I felt like a large part of the group size was purely due to me and my discomfort. Once I get my ergonomics squared away, I feel this rifle will shrink the groups further. So don't over over judge the rifle by my spazzy trigger pulling.

So here are my groups (don't laugh!):


I did a redo on the CCI SV on the last page. I didn't feel I had given it a fair chance. I think with a more comfortable shooting position, I can shrink these groups another 25%.

I think the CCI SV is going to be my best bang for the buck. I might keep a brick of Midas+ around for days with zero wind, when it is really worth it.

I found one of these yesterday at a LGS. I compared this with the RAR Target model and a CZ 455 Varmint.

It's basically a toss up of what one likes more. I was considering buying the RAR target and changing the stock down the road, but don't see the need to do that - just buy the RPR 22.

I like CZ. I did own a 452 Varmint for a few years. Very nice, but the Ruger has a few advantages I feel. 1. Tang safety that operates as we are accustomed in the US. 2) 10/22 mags 3) drilled and tapped receiver for scope mounting.

Cycling bolt on either one wasn't much different.

Like a guy said - unless you just want to drop thousands on a custom 22 the RPR will do what 90% of us want and need.

I'm going to buy one for sure.