RRS SC-LR vs BTC-PRO for Atlas


New to the sport and anxious to learn
Jan 24, 2009
I'm wanting to get an adapter to use my Atlas on my JAE ARCA rails but wanted some opinions on which way to go. Looks like the BTC-PRO will bolt right on the Atlas but you have to use a knob to tighten it down. The SC-LR let's you use a throw lever to tighten it down but would also require an adapter for the Atlas and would cost twice as much as the BTC-PRO. Is the lever worth the extra or does the knob work well? Thanks for the input.
Nov 2, 2017
I recently had this same question...I bought the SC-LR. Personally I prefer the lever. For me it is positive and confirmation that the bipod is locked down solid. With the knob, I would wonder if I got it tight enough. Or, once when I got it on too tight, I had trouble twisting it off again. I also like the half position with the lever that allows the clamp to slide along the rail for repositioning.
Apr 18, 2014
Just a head's up, but if you're using the Atlas Cant and Loc bipod, your options are limited. I picked up the B2-40-LR clamp and learned the hard way that it won't work with the Cant and Loc. The BTC-Pro will work, but I wanted a lever clamp instead of a knob.