RPR 243 with a lot of upgrades

Dec 18, 2008
South West Montana
I got this in a trade with intentions of using it in local matches as a “back up” rifle; then ARC released the Nucleus.

It originally had a 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel that I replaced with a 26” 243 Rock Creek 8-twist from Patriot Valley Arms. The muzzle is threaded at 5/8-24 and includes a Patriot Valley “Jet-Blast” brake. It has two rounds fired through it.

Other upgrades include a titanium bolt knob and shroud. A 19.31” DEZ Tactical Keymod fore end and a PRS butstock. Also upgraded is the handgrip to an Ergo Tactical Deluxe Sure Grip.

There’s no reason this shouldn’t shoot. I’d take $1525 shipped and fully insured to your FFL. Bipod not included.

Thanks for looking.

208FD064-59C1-4098-837A-517DA64DE9D9.jpeg CD8B29E0-C42E-4F1D-8BB0-E84C50883219.jpeg EAA0E658-0FCD-4AC5-9671-081FF52C706B.jpeg FC5A4126-6F0E-4405-8507-3154675CAF6B.jpeg 01D756C9-4722-439E-84CC-A521486EEB17.jpeg A1C82636-31CC-4F5D-85C0-9585D5FF4D02.jpeg 08C0DE65-FBE2-43DD-915F-5A3F25D1FB36.jpeg
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