Rimfire Rifle Photos Thread

Nov 7, 2017
This is my first serious rimfire rifle, an Anschuetz 1416 with beavertail stock.
18" threaded barrel. One thing to note here is that Anschuetz is resessing the actual muzzle by about 1/2" so that the thinner material where the thread is cut does not have any negative effect on the muzzle. Also it is well protected of course.
It just arrived yesterday and I mounted the Kahles 3-12x50 with MSR reticle (focuses down to 25m), the A-tec CMM4 suppressor and my Sinclair bipod.
The ammunition test (from benchrest block) found a lot of RWS Rifle Match that shot very well. The test group of 5 at 50m is the one in the corner.
10 shot groups were a bit bigger of course, but the rifle seems to be good. The match trigger is exceptionally well for a rimfire (or any rifle) and breaks at about 10oz.
It feeds from a 10 round magazine.
I am planing to make the rifle a bit more comfortable. Adjustable cheek piece and an arca rail with a Harris, as well as a sling should be the next steps.
Looking forward to the first 50 and 100 m range session.


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Jul 3, 2005
Red Bank, NJ
Thanks for the info on the EH-1,I will be calling manners up to order one.I agree with you on the swfa scopes.Big Stick over at asrealasitgets turned me onto them.I now have a 10X, 1x4, and an 6x on the way to my house. The reticle and the elevation adjustment is outstanding.
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