Rimfire Rifle Photos Thread

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I have a CZ455 that I have had for about 6 months now and did some upgrades. Started as Tacticool bought a Manners Stock, oversize bolt knob, DIP 25MOA rail, Sightron Siii 8-32x56, trimmed the factory trigger spring. It loves Wolf Match Target.

25 Yards

100 Yards

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40X & XB, converted to repeaters by jelrod, in B&C #2015 stocks, w/Benchmark & Lilja titebore bbls done by me. V22 in Manners Elite T4A, Krieger sendero contour bbl done by me. All three have Jewell HVR triggers, Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x56 mil scopes, & PTG Stealth DBM. Really enjoy all three, but the new V22 feeds smoother while running the bolt slower.


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Finally finished my 40XB repeater. Had a hard time deciding what color CeraKote to use, settled on a mix of McM tan & olive. Stock is a Manners T4A w/DBM mini chassis in painted woodland camo. Scope is an Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x56. Since moving to the mini chassis, the Lilja bbl has been shooting better than ever - that's 10 shots on steel at 200yds in 3-8 mph wind from 7:30-8:00 with Lapua Center-X.


With my lovely bride working on Christmas, I decided to take my 40X Rimfire family to the range for Christmas.

All 4 suppressed, no plugs needed. TBAC Take-Down, Jet Integral, TBAC 6.5 Ultra 7, Shark 308.

Shot 2-3 MOA sized steel out to 220 yards and testing out some new close range (50 yards) targets to be 100% sure my welds were solid before Saturdays Prone and PRS matches.

Still not sure if the Manners stock will stay. Might end up with another AI chassis or maybe a MPA.

Wanted to share my Mcrees G10 Savage MkII. I plan to shoot it for the first time with the chassis tommorow. Pretty excited. Such a nice bit of machining. Everything lined up perfect although I had to cut the rear action bolt down so it was the same length as the front. I believe the MkII's that use the Tacticool stock came with a longer rear action screw than the ones with poly stocks fwiw. Here's a pic. Will post some groups at 50yards tomorrow hopefully! Next i need to see if these can be threaded for a suppressor without removing the barrel! It's no Annie or CZ but it'll make a fine enough stick for me! Oh that's a SS 3-15 ontop mil mil. I'm as excited to shoot this as I was any of my Centerfires. I really would love to find some Lapua Center X or better ammo than I can get locally.

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CZ 455 .22lr

-Boyds Stock
-Pillar und Glass Bedding
-Glades Armory Bolthandle
-DIP Trigger guard
-DIP Picatinny Rail
-Leupold PRW Rings
-DD Optics Nachtfalke 5-30x50
-Harris Bipod

My first rifle, a Marlin Model 60 that my dad bought from my uncle. I recently refurbed it a bit by refinishing the action, cleaning up the bolt, reinstalling the Tech Sights, and refinishing the stock. Not a looker but a good rifle none the less.

My CZ 452 Scout ... Basically it's my backyard Squirrel sniper.

I run two different cans on it shooting subsonic HPs. The one in the pic is SF's Ryder 22-A. The other is a Mask.


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So far this is my "precision" .22lr. Like gonna move onto a bolt action of some type. It's a PA 6X scope w/ ACSS reticle. I did install a Geiselle SSA-E two stage trigger. It is definitely my current favorite to shoot. Maybe it's the Mcfaddon easy loader. :D

Remington 40x magazine conversion. Benchmark 22" mtu contour, mcmillan a3-5, badger m5 bottom metal/efr rail/rings, s&b 4-16, cg 2 stage trigger, cerakote od green. Rifle was built by modacam custom rifles. IMG_20170607_140901.jpg IMG_20170419_201205_697.jpg
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Dedicated 22lr mk12 mod1. Compass lake upper and lower, compass lake m261 conversion, douglas barrel by compass lake, ops inc muzzle brake and collar, knights rail/gas block(yes it has a gas block and gas tube obviously just for looks)/bipod mount/sling mount/ambi safety/flip up front and rear buis/grip and panels, pri charging handle, arms rings, nightforce 2.5-10x24, lmt sopmod stock, geissele highspeed match trigger.
IMG_20160712_185721.jpg IMG_20160712_185538.jpg
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Had this rifle for awhile now but other projects and deployments have kept it sidelined in the safe. Finally got around to putting scope on and will shoot some groups this weekend, looking forward to it!

Ruger 77/22 reworked by Tim Cronin at Elk Horn Precision.
22” Mullerworks
McMillan Rimfire Magnum Varmint
Riflebasix Trigger
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