Rifle Position in the Shoulder Pocket

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Mar 1, 2017
Keller Texas
Quick question when shooting prone or off barricades. Do you get the rifle high in the shoulder pocket so its sits in the pocket like a shelf? I find when it is lower in the pocket it tends to slip down under recoil. Could not find anything on the hide that addressed this issue. I find when I set it higher it is more stable and keeps my head more level on the cheek rest, just wanted to get others take on it. Thanks


Nov 18, 2008
Orlando, FL
From what I've gathered on the online training stuff, you should be pulling the rifle back into your shoulder pocket with enough force (force equal to the weight of your rifle) so that it shouldn't slip under recoil. The height IMO would just be whats the most comfortable to you as the shooter, you can adjust the cheekpiece up and down on most rifles now to adjust where the rifle is going to sit comfortably. When you let off the rifle with your firing hand your support hand should hold the rifle secure until you've cycled the bolt and return your firing hand to the grip.

Sep 3, 2009
Lincoln, Nebraska
I'd also add that the rearward pressure you apply to the rifle should be more than the weight of the rifle if it is a lighter heavy recoiling rifle. An 8 pound 300wm will need more reward pressure applied to keep the rifle under control thru recoil than an 8 pound 223rem, but the weight of the rifle is a good starting point.
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Jan 25, 2010
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As said above, you need to find the comfortable spot where the stock can 'sit' thats not sitting on bone and feels somewhat natural. Then you need to make sure you are square to the gun as well as that you have absolutely no tensions from muscles in your shoulder 'pushing' forward on the gun. The only muscle you should feel is your bicep pulling the gun back via the 3/4 fingers on the bottom of your shooting hand.

Most people don't hold the gun tight enough as well as let go under recoil.
Feb 17, 2012
This past weekend I tried placing the stock butt inboard of my shoulder pocket. I could not find a comfortable spot. So, at this time I'm thinking this is a barricade technique.
I already place the butt pad on my collar bone in the prone - not the most comfortable but provides the best results. A quick dry-fire experiment of moving it a bit more inboard did not seem to increase discomfort, and got my head almost perfectly upright.

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