Rifle Parts - AR & Ruger Precision - Barrels, handguard, keymod stuff, stocks, Magpull accessories!!!


May 3, 2017
Detroit, MI
Hi all,

I'm cleaning out some unused parts. Most of these are like new, or new take offs, or totally new. Let me know if you have any questions!

Ruger AR grip: Like new, looking for $10 shipped.

UTG 30mm scope rings: Like new, $20 shipped.

BCM KAG: Keymod, barely used, looking for $13 shipped.

Bear Creek AR-15 Barrel: New in box. Stainless steel, 16", .223 Wylde chamber, 1:9 twist. Looking for SOLD.

Arisaka Finger Stop: Keymod version, these things are super cool. Barely used, looking for SOLD.

SLR Rifleworks Handstop: Mod 2 Barricade, Keymod, barely used, looking for SOLD.

Magpul CTR stock: New, take off from a JP rifle. This is brand new, swapped it out for a BCM stock on the rifle as soon as I brought it home. Looking for SOLD.

Magpul MIAD grip: Also a brand new take off from my JP, swapped it as soon as it came home. This has the bottle for oil in the grip, comes with all the grip panels. Looking for SOLD.

Sig flip up rear sight: Sig's "Troy style" rear sight. Like new, SOLD

RPR Stock: Like new, went to the range a couple times. This would also be a cool stock for a precision AR build. This now comes with a standard milspec carbine tube. Looking for SOLD.

RPR Handguard: Also like new, I swapped this out when I changed the barrel. This is the Keymod version. It will come with the barrel nut, a rail section, sling QD mount, and a standard sling swivel stud. This would make a good hand guard for a budget AR build, I believe they are made by Sampson. Looking for SOLD.

RPR 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel: This is the factory 6.5 barrel with the muzzle brake and a thread protector. Probably only 200 rounds through it, so the barrel is practically new. It shoots great, but I caught a good deal on a Proof barrel so I swapped it out. Looking for SOLD.

Magpull MBUS gen 2 front & rear sights: Another takeoff from the JP, brand new. Looking for $40 for the rear and $25 for the front or take both for SOLD.


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Srgt. Hulka

Lighten Up Francis
Oct 8, 2014
Shreveport, Louisiana
Dang-it. I was coming here to get that precision Bear Creek barrel for a build for my son.
As usual, day late and a dollar short.

Oh well, free bump for you whiskey.