Remington Model 37 Eric Johnson barrel **SPF**


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Jan 16, 2010
Lewiston, ME
Selling for a friend, the rifle is now registered to me and in my possession so I can answer most any question and provide more pictures if need be.

Remington Model 37 22lr
Eric Johnson 5 star 8 grove 25.5" barrel barrel work and bluing by Larry Racine of LPR Gunsmithing, in case you have not heard of Larry:
The rifle comes with a single shot adapter, a hard to find 5 round magazine, and a bore guide.
There is a weaver base that has been fit for the rifle and attached to the barrel but bedded to the action (the action on these rfles are very hard, making drilling and tapping difficult).
The only issue with the rifle is at some point someone installed some lead in the butt and a very small portion has protruded just to the surface of the stock. It is visible but you have to look for it, I included a picture of the spot.

I have know this rifle for many years. The Eric Johnson barrel was installed a few years back (maybe 5) and is an excellent shooter! The rifle is in very good condition, the action is smooth and tight, the trigger is excellent (light and very crisp). The stock has some nice figure to it and other than the small spot of lead it is in very good condition.
*sold pending funds*
$750 plus shipping FullSizeR5.jpg


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