Remington 700 Action Group Buy

Able to get a fairly good deal on Remington Actions this year so we thought we would pass the savings on to members here.

Remington 700 Chrome moly short actions 290
1 month wait time. Depending on qty some may ship within the first few weeks.

Remington 700 Stainless steel short actions 315
1-1.5 month wait time. Depending on qtys some may ship within the first few weeks.

LH stainless actions 340
Wait times on LH actions are much higher due to the production schedule at Remington.

Remington 700 short action magnum 290
2 months wait time.

Remington 700 long action stainless magnum 330
1-1.5 months

Remington 700 long action chrome moly magnum 300

Reciever only
Short action stainless 208.65
short action chrome moly 203.30
long action stainless 208.65
long action chrome moly 203.30
long action ULT mag stainless 208.65
long action ULT mag chrome moly 203.30

action wait times 1-2 months

Shipping and handling is $15

Any Actions bought will also get a special rate on chamber work.
250 for fit and chamber
140 for muzzle thread with fitted cap.

Turn around time is 2 weeks for weeks for chamber work.

The group buy is valid till the end of the month of February.

We require 100 down to save your place. Contact me through here or by email at
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Feb 15, 2012
Chester County, PA
Several vendors(brownells,...) have been advertising Remington single shot actions for sale. Are you able to get them for this group buy? Just bare actions would be even better.
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