SOLD Rem 700 6.5 CM shorty


Jan 9, 2008
Another one just sitting in the safe so figured I would see what kind of trade interests it garners.

Nice stubby rifle that weighs 9.5 #’s scoped so probably 8 #’s naked. The weight allows it to sit very steady off hand, almost no recoil and great accuracy but alas I have other 6.5 Creeds I shoot more.

- Rem 700 SA that’s been trued and aftermarket bolt knob installed.
- 20 moa scope rail
- 20” bartlein marksman 1:8 IIRC, threaded 5/8-24 with thread cap
- Tuned factory trigger ( pre x-Mark)
- HS precision LTR stock, paint is krylon and not the best but works
- Picatinny rail on forend
- PTG bottom Metal with (2) 10 rd Pmags
- All Metal Cerakoted in a semi flat silver color
- Approx 200 pieces of hornady brass, mostly 1x fired.

Rifle has had approx 250 rds fired through it, never ran hot and shoots both the 140 bthp and 129 ablr into small groups. (The 2 unmarked group pics are the ablr)

## scope and rings not included ##

Not set on any specific rifles in terms of trades. Just looking for something new to play with.


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