Reloadr scale out of the box Comparison

Feb 10, 2017
Central TX
So if you were at 23.5 trickling up to 23.6 would go undetected? Thats the current problem I see with all these small scales. Its still undoubtedly an improvement on the rcbs, hornady or frankford pocket scales.

Though this marksman scale is .005 gram resolution (which equates to .077 grain) there is also another model called the sharpshooter that is .001 gram (.015 grain) resolution, I wonder if it would respond to trickling better... It is 60-70 bucks though compared to the 30-40 this one costs.
Dec 21, 2010
So I made the video on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, I checked and the Reloadr gave the exact same readings for the 4 check weights as it did on Wednesday. The PACT had the most change, within their claimed range, the RCBS a little less, but the Reloadr beat them both with no change.