Reloading 101: Reloading basics for the new reload


Jun 4, 2011
Fort Pierce, FL
"3. Chamfer the INSIDE flash hole. Unless you buy Lapua or some other brass which has drilled flash hole most flash holes are pressed into the brass. This can create a burr on the inside of the case. The effect is rather significant in terms of consistency if you leave it there. The drop in my velocity variations simply by removing this was significant. For this step I like the old RCBS Universal or the current Midway EJS Flash Hole Reamer. I specify these because they index on the web of the case as opposed to the mouth. This is important because you don’t have to trim all your brass to an exact length before hand to get the same depth of chamfer."

Recently switched from loading 9mm and 223 on Dillon to loading 6 creed. Going back to loading for pistol feels like I'm cheating somehow, or forgetting to do something every pull of the handle. I've been using Lapua brass so did not realize the importance of flash hole chamfering. I'm Planning on necking down some Lake City to use in the situation where losing brass is likely. I did a search for EJS Flash Hole Reamer but did not come up with anything except a few older posts mentioning using it for brass prep. Is it still made? If not is there an inside flrash hole reamer made currently that indexes on the web of the case as opposed to the mouth? Thanks for the post Doc. I'll check out part 2 next time.