Reduced!!! 1900 F/Custom Rifle- Badger Action/Manners Stock/Brux Barrel 6mm-284 100 rds fired

I bought this when I had more money and time... now I have less of both... fyi, I bought this from a guy on here who was in a predicament, and I plan on sending him some addt money after the sale of the rifle.

-Badger M2008 action... Smooth as butter
-26" Brux Barrel, 1-8" twist, MTU contour. Originally chambered in 243BRK but set back after a handful or rds down range and now chambered in 6mm-284... reamer was a no-turn. comes with 100 pieces of formed brass. Both Original and setback chambering done by Jim See- Centershot Rifles, now Elite Accuracy.
trigger- shilen with no safety
-Manners Mini Chassis stock- Tactical Thumbhole type- bedded by Jim See. flush cups installed both fore and aft, seekins picatinny rail on for for quick release bipod deployment.

I have NOT shot this rifle, but I can attest that it cycles like a dream, the trigger is an ice sickle and the machining is perfect. original owner sted that it's a laser.

I bore scoped the entire length of the barrel, paying close attention to the throat... this is still in its infancy. I assure and promise this. The original owner stated, and the bore scope affirms, that this has had less than 120 rds fired total in both chamberings. the shamk has lots of room to do a different caliber if you so decide. for my time I'll charge ha 150 bucks more and chamber it in 6XC, 6CM or 6 Dasher (Norma reamer). I'd just prefer sell it as is, however.

1900 bucks shipped for complete rifle with sized virgin 6.5-284 brass. dies avail for an addt 120 bucks.

action, trigger and stock only- 1700 shipped. You can't beat this deal.

text me at 8508199408
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