recoil management on barricade

I am using a rifles only sling (with bungee): I place my support hand on the rifle forend where it rests on the barricade and then extend the support arm out to fully locked position to create tension with the sling. When doing this:
1. Am I still leaning forward in order to load the bipod? (I will have the atlas bipod legs jammed up against the barricade on the shooter’s side)
2. Am I still applying rearward pressure on the pistol grip towards my shoulder pocket?

I know fundamentals should still apply with barricade shooting but I feel like doing #1 negates the effect of creating tension and doing #2 isn’t necessary given the amount of pressure I feel against my shoulder pocket already under the sling’s tension.

I can’t get out to the range anytime soon so I am dry firing at home and don’t want to build any bad habits. Thanks

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