PVC Range Card Patch *Mil/Leo discount*

Thinking on a new color option what do you guys think?

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Mar 15, 2013
Sheridan, Wyoming
** 20% off for Military and Law Enforcement **
5/6 - still plenty in-stock!

PVC Range Patches. This allows you to write drop data and stick it where you want. Comes with an adhesive Velcro strip. Size is 2”x3”. These are weatherproof unlike paper data cards. These are also flexible and can be easily run on things like tripod legs.
Ink, such as a ball point pen, will come off with nail polish remover, GooGone, or similar products.
Patch is in testing with USMC Scout Snipers
$15 shipped US


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Update: the new harder PVC allows permanent marker to be removed with nail polish remover. It might show a little more ink residue than the non-permanent
So are we talking acetone? Pretty sure that’s what most fingernail polish remover is ( I’m convinced that fingernail polish fumes are complicit in the feminist movement o_O) ....

Also is your basic fine tip sharpie “permanent” ?
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