PVC Label Molle Pouches

Mar 15, 2013
Sheridan, Wyoming
Greetings Hide!
I’m starting a group buy for a new idea.
What It Is: A PVC Data Patch that allows you to label Molle pouches that have a loop strip. These patches will be made out of the same material as the Dope Patch. They will also be reusable like the Dope Patch with the ballpoint pen. These will be easier to write on and more legible that writing on cloth.
Color will be FDE border and tan middle section.
Size will be 1”x2.75”
Cost: $5 each + 3.50 for shipping
Quota: 50


Feb 15, 2005
Mission, KS
Love this idea because I've been trying to do something like it for years. Have several packs and bags I don't use much, or which I want anyone to be able to use without asking or rifling through.

When velcro exists, I have done white duct or coyote tan/sand duct tape on top of hook velcro, and even with the industrial sharpie it tends to rub off, the way packs and rigs are used, loading and unloading, carrying, rubbing against each other in transit, etc. I end up having to update them every year or three. Covering with clear electrical tape has helped but that tends to bleed them, so it's not perfect.

(ETA: I have tried darker tapes, but nothing, like paintpens or silver Sharpie® really works well, and it's hard to read way too fast, under all but the best conditions, which then makes it pointless. As silly as light colored labels may seem to some, totally agree with the color choice you made).

That dope card (which I do not use as I laser print mine and stick them to velcro) seems like it wouldn't be subject to this level of abuse, but do we have another sample or can someone try to abuse one, to see if this material is indeed suitable for the application?

If any assurance it works per my griping: I'd be in for at least a dozen of these then.

Price is a bit high for the number I'd ideally want; would it come down if you get over 100, etc.? Shipping is per order, not per piece I hope?

P.S. Many may not know what you mean by "loop" so I'd add a parenthetical "the fuzzy side of the Velcro®" to it.
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