*** pulled/relisted *** F/S: Noveske 16" Stainless / Syrac Ordnance gas block


Feb 22, 2013
Ormond Beach, FL
As the title denotes, I'm selling my Noveske 16" stainless steel barrel with Syrac ordnance adjustable gas block.
It also will come with a Spike's Tactical Melonited midlength gas tube.

I shot around 500 rounds through it total.

With my Schmidt & Bender 1.5-8x26 short dot, and my handloads it shoots LIGHTS OUT.... (Hornady 75gr BTHP on prepped LC brass, CCI primers, and IMR 8208 XBR) Picture below was a five shot group at 100 meters with one flyer on my part while I was ladder testing loads. o_O

The rifling is still in like new condition.
The barrel is set up to pin the gas block in place if you please.
Noveske makes some of the best AR parts! 🦅

I'm just changing some parts around on my builds.

Don't hesitate to shoot me a PM / ask a question! (y)


$400 $380 SHIPPED

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