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Aug 5, 2018
We started with a plug for the Rimfire V-22 from Vudoo Gun Works and then designed a bit different snap in method for the Remington 700. Other common actions are next on the design table... How many shoot a 700 in matches?

January 6th Update:
We have released our new reinvented chamber flag for Remington 700 actions. These work with two lug Remington actions and testing in others. This new type of chamber flag does not fall out and securely snaps just forward of the bolt. This new flag eliminates the need to enter plastic into the bore and prevents the magazine for fully seating for additional safety.

Our version of the chamber flag has reinvented safety at matches.

We were getting tired of loosing chamber flags when moving my rifle from the shooting line to storage stand. I am also not a fan of jamming plastic in a hot hole....I said plastic!!

We designed an innovative snap in - snap out chamber block that will also prevent the bolt from moving forward. In combination with our one piece and sprung design we include several flag choices to insure the RO (range officer) will be off your back.

Currently the Vudoo Plug only tested in Vudoo Gun Works V-22 bolt actions and the 700Rem only tested in Remington 700 two lug actions. Will be testing in other bolt actions ASAP.
*US Patent Pending