Pics out of or from your blind or stand.


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Feb 9, 2018
I have been hunting the buck above in the trailcam photo. If you look at the photo closely, you can see my woods stand about 25 yards in front of him; didn’t make it out that morning. The stand is just inside the woods at the end of the plot.
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Feb 20, 2017
Oh I wish I had some of these sight lines. I have to try to get 6-700 yards of vis. It’s surprising how many farmers respond with “I don’t think so” to shooting across their fields, even after I offer beer, lawn care, or manual labor. I even ask if they want to come out and try this long range game. Most have never shot past 200. And they’re SURE that’s a poke.
Feb 15, 2017
Some pictures at a couple of my spots in Kansas. Not seeing near the bucks we have seen the last two years. Shot a doe on 11/23. She went down after 60 yards, so I went back to looking at a buck that was 500 yards away. An hour and a half later she was gone. I trailed her for almost a half a mile before I found. The shot looked perfect, but the arrow must have turned down enough to miss the far lung. I was amazed that she went a half mile with a deflated lung and decent slice in her heart.

Rifle season is on as of 11/28. One son shot a doe with his Ruger American Predator and Prime ammo last night. Spotted her at 450 yards, crawled along the edge of the wheat to 200 and dropped her with a high shoulder shot to keep her off the neighbor's property. 12-6-18 Phone 159.jpg 12-6-18 Phone 158.jpg 12-6-18 Phone 170.jpg 12-6-18 Phone 181.jpg 12-6-18 Phone 190.jpeg 12-6-18 Phone 201.jpg 12-6-18 Phone 220.jpg 12-6-18 Phone 224.jpg 12-6-18 Phone 227.jpg 12-6-18 Phone 015.jpg
12-6-18 Phone 159.jpg
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Mar 9, 2008
Couple of tracks in the snow. Saw the same fawn 4 times this afternoon. No big horse faced does to shoot. That’s it for my season. Going to be gone for the holiday hunt.
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