Pet Peeves at the Gym

Aug 30, 2008
What I do with weights anymore, I do at home with dumbells. HOWEVER....I swim as it's "no-impact" vs. "lo-impact". My pet peeve is that same as most yours.

1. Don't do GROSS shit in the pool. I don't want to swim through your lugie so don't hack it out in the pool
2. Standing there chit-chatting when I need a lane
3. Floaty people on the floaty side of the pool. We have lap lanes for lap swimmers. Lap lanes arent your personal space where you can bob around on a noodle.
4. Slow people in the fast lanes when sharing. And, not stopping to let fast people pass if you do swim different speeds.

When there is no one else in the pool and someone asks to share a lane. Wtf
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Nov 19, 2008
Utah, USA
My biggest peeves are curlers in the squat racks and the quarter repping bitches who think they're strong as hell. It's just silly. At my local gym at 5:00am most people are pretty cool and there to work out. But there are those few......haha

I've been into powerlifting for the past 3 years and I love it! IF you ever get a chance to go to a local meet, go. You'll meet some really strong guys that are also really cool and inviting.
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