Peacemaker National - Club matches

Jan 8, 2006
Northern Virginia
my sone and I are shooting our first club match at Peacemaker this weekend. I'd be grateful if anyone who has shot those matches before could share tips on how the match is run and anything else with knowing.

Thanks in advance.


Primer Poker
Mar 4, 2017
Northern VA
I shoot there regularly, i assume youre running the LRC this weekend. Unfortunately i wont be able to make this one.

Basically, you have 5 known distance stages (distances are provided to you at the start of the day), 5 targets per stage, and 5 squads. Each squad starts on the stage that corresponds with their squad number.

There have been two ways theyve done the scoring, they tried a new way at the last match i shot and it caused a bunch of ties, so im not sure if theyll go back to the old way or not.

Method 1 - you have 3 shots to hit each target in each stage, every 10 first round hits nets you an extra point. At the end, count your hits and count your misses, person with the highest number of hits and the lowest number of misses is the winner.

Method 2- the new way, 3 shots to hit each target, a first round hit will net you 3 points, a second round hit will net you 2, and a third round hit will net you 1. Highest total at the end wins.

Have fun!