Over Thinking Consistency?


Beer Saved The World
Feb 13, 2017
Prepare yourself for a few random thoughts that actually might have some weight to them. Probably not though.

Would this affect the consistency of velocity and/or groups:
1) Testing with new/small base sized brass and then go to bumping the shoulders back after that?
- My un-edgumacated guess is it would affect velocity since you now have a longer case, albeit only about .005-.010" longer than SB sizing. This would then most likely affect grouping as it would now be pushing the high/low side of the node that you found. Again, shouldn't be much but maybe.
2) Not trimming the case until at max length.
- My un-edgumacated guess is this would affect the pressure that is built up in the case while it is releasing the bullet. it would have more material gripping the bullet causing it to hold on longer in theory. More pressure = more velocity?

I'm sure there are more items but do these actually make a big enough difference to be seen down range or in the chrono? I'm probably not a good enough shot to be able to tell if it does but thought maybe someone has already tested some of these theories. ill test the first one in the next couple of weeks on velocity and groupings from my past tests. I have 2 loads to try, one was 1/2 MOA grouping but had a big swing in velocity and the other had single digit SD AND ES but a 2" grouping which still baffles me.